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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> sfgtv city of san francisco meeting of the neighborhood and services committee scheduled for 2: 00 p.m. on thursday, february 5th, will begin shortly. >> good afternoon, everyone.
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the meeting will come to order. welcome to the to the february 5th, 2015, meeting of the neighborhood services and safety committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. my my our collect is mr. derek evans and i'd like to thank the staff of sfgtv. items acted upon today
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will appear on the board of supervisor's agenda unless otherwise stated. >> item number 1 is a hearing to consider a liquor license. >> thank you and i know we have a report i think lieutenant is not with us but we have the report from our alu staff. >> yes, good afternoon supervisors and thank you for having us. my name is al duarte regarding 5030 fillmore street and this is on behalf of mr. nae moon has applied for a
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type 40 on sale beer license for 1530 fillmore street. mr. park has opened a billiard hall. it should be noted that during the application process a notification of and mailer was done on on april 8th on april 8th, 2013, , and posted march 28th of 2013. in regards to statistics police called for service and only had one police call for this location with zero police reports issued out of this location and the san francisco plot number 543 unfortunately does sit in a high crime area and had a reported 325 police reports for 2013. this information is that it sits on tract 0159.00
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with a population of 4, 350 people and the the premises and with letters of support there was zero filed with the abc and the department's recommendation to the matter is there is no opposition and the alu recommends approval with the following five conditions. condition number 1 1 electronic surveillance and recording equipment shall be utilized during operator hours and shall be made available to the department and police department upon request. . >> condition number 2. sales of alcoholic beverages shall be
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permitted sunday through wednesday and from 12 noon until 2:00 2:00 a.m. thursday through saturday and. >> 3. >> no noise shall be audible beyond the area. >> the exterior of the premise shall be equipped of lighting to elluminate and the appearance and conduct of all persons on or about the perception the premise. >> thank you. officer duarte. >> let me ask if mr. moon is here to make a few remarks if you would like. >> or mr. moon park. >> yeah, mr. park, just for
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your knowledge we usually check in with the supervisor for the district that your new business is in and that supervisor is london breed and we're interested in the community outreach that you have done it seems like there's no opposition but if you could talk a little bit about your efforts to secure the permits and also how you have outreached the community. >> all right this is mr. park and i'm a close friend of mr. park trying to help him with all of this process and first of all, we did get in touch with supervisor breed's office. per their advice what we have done was in january we start getting in touch with our community neighborhood including lower fillmore merchants association and presented our case to them for their support and in run we got the full
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support from the president along with all the members and briefly let me go ahead and talk about us from the inception we opened the billiards in november of 2012 and after about a year we got a lot of inquiries from our customers asking us to provide them with beer. at that time we did not have a liquor license so we were not able to so we started the license process in 2013 not knowing that the city requires us to have the change of business use from a billiards to a bar which we got in touch with the building departments went through the building department and planning department and finally got approved in august of 2014 so what we have done so far is that we have reapplied with abc
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license as the police officer here just explained, that our initial abc, the letters that went out to the neighborhood that was done in 2014 and another 500 residents area went out in 2014 as well and as far as as far as what i know at this moment is there's no complaint from both sides. . currently we have two billiards which have no pockets we have one tennis table and full pocket pool tables so we accommodate to a very different type of customers who wants to play with pocket balls. >> did you say table tennis. >> yes we do and a lot of people did their exercise they sweat quite a lot. it's a good form of exercise. as a first
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time business owner we didn't know about the procedures or you know, what what we had to do but as this is an ongoing process we're learning from our own experience and we are a business where people could come all all walks of life whether it's a senior citizen or young people people they can come and enjoy the pleasure of playing billiards or pocket pool if they want to and on top of that if we're given a chance to sell beer they could have a very nice glass of beer as well while they are playing and in the end we'll try to become a more active business partners in our neighborhood by joining other merchants not only the lower fillmore but maybe upper fillmore merchants association as well and try to be more active in our community. thank
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you. >> thank you so much. any questions, colleagues? let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed and we have a motion from supervisor campos. >> thank you and given that there has been community outreach i know i move that we move this item forward without objection. >> thank you mr. moon. >> thank you. >> mr. evans please call the next item. >> a type 40 40 on sale beer license for george rush for the roxie they theatre in district 8. >> thank you. i believe we have a report from inspector nellie, gordan. >> thank you again and good
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afternoon again. i'm sorry i wanted to clarify some things we were discussing. >> this is for 3117, 16th street. >> thank you very much. so the matter at hand is the roxie theatre 3117-16th street. filed an application of the california department of alcoholic beverage control located between valencia and guerro street and during the application process a notification mailer was sent out in august of 2014 and a notice to the public was posted and when it comes to statistics the police calls received from october 2013
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october 2013 to 2014 was one police call. the plot information is as follows this is located in the plot 413 located in a high crime area with 230 reported crimes in 2013 the state consensus has it and unfortunately there were zero letters of support. the police station did not oppose this application and recommends approval with the following conditions. >> number 1. whenever the privilege of the license are being exercised an employee or security guard shall monitor the activity within the theatre on a regular basis. basis. >> wearing a color coded wristband to signify that they
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are of legal age. >> sales of beer may commence 1 hour before the start of the event and must be suspended prior to the event. >> it. >> inspector spoke with the director of operations at the roxie theatre on october 27th and agreed with the recommended conditions. >> thank you. inspector duarte. >> colleagues are there any questions? >> i'll ask the attorney for the roxie to come forward. >> i'm the operations director of the roxie theatre thank you for hearing me today first off it was recommended to me to note a discrepancy in the title of the hearing i want to
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confirm this request is for 3117, 16th street for the record. >> thank you. >> thank you. this is an important step for the roxie theatre because it will provide us with some extra income in order to keep our theatre operational. it's kind of a tough time for small theatres these days and this could do a lot to help us continue. we did reach out with the mailer as prescribed by the acc as noted and also we talked to our neighbors, specifically the one side and the market on the other and they noted that literally and figuratively we bring light to light to the neighborhood. it is an area where you get folks hanging out on the street but our bright
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historic neon sign provides literal light to light up the shadows where people could lurk and customers that come specifically with a purpose to to to that stretch of 16th street which is a beneficial thing for the block and neighborhood and the consumption of alcohol would be inside the theatre it would not spill out onto 16th street and the adjoining area and i don't know if you have any questions for me. >> no, i don't but thank you miss green. >> thank you. we'll fou now open this up for public comment. public comment is closed. >> i want to thank our alu and the applicant here. i'm strongly supportive of this application. it's hard to imagine a more important cultural institution than the roxie around this area they are
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a great community partner and i think this is something that would really help them be even more successful as we're -- i know they are struggling. this is technically in district 8 but right next to my district so i move this item forward with a positive recommendation. >> thank you supervisor campos and yeah i can't wait to have a beer in the roxie and can't wait for the next set of movies coming so colleagues, can we do this without objection? thank you. >> please call the next item. >> to consider the transfer of type 48 on sale license from 1000 van ness avenue to 3336-24th street. to caroline santiago brown for the third street bar.
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>> thank you. i appreciate. >> sorry. >> that's okay. good afternoon . what would be the 24th street bar and caroline brown on behalf has applied for a public premise license and the license is relocated from 1000 van ness avenue. . this premise was a bar previously. miss brown would like to reestablish the bar to provide a convenience for the area and a notification was sent out in september 2014 and police calls from december 2013 through through december 2014 we we had zero calls and zero
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reported issues at that specific premise however the premise is located on plot 454 which had 219 reported calls which puts it in a high crime area. it's located in tract 209.00 with a population of 4, 372. there was zero letters of protest filed with the abc and zero letters of support as well. recommend approval with the following conditions attached. . . >> graffiti shall be removed from the parking lot within 72 hours of the application. if the graffiti occurs on a holiday or weekend day graffiti to be removed within 72 hours
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the front door shall be kept closed at at all times except in the case of an emergency or to to to accept deliveries. >> number 4. the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption off the premise is prohibited. free of litter the area over which they have control and number 6 loitering standing about and it is prohibited on any sidewalk or property adjacent to the licensed premise as depicted on the form and condition number 7 the exterior of the premises
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shall have lighting and additionally the position of such lighting and recently here we were contacted that there might be amendments to condition number 2 and there are residents adjacent to the building within 100 feet. thank you. >> i just wanted to thank officer duarte for being extremely specific with these 3 examples. this one you are really focussed on the types of residents and businesses around it compared to the roxie which already has their own lighting but this one requiring lighting but i'm appreciative of the hard work that comes from the alu look at these conditions attached to these permits thank
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you for the great work so i see no comments from colleagues let's open this up for public comment. yes, i forgot i'm sorry. we have the applicant for the license which is caroline santiago brown. miss brown? >> i was lucky. yes, my name is caroline santiago brown, and i am a first generation american cuban puerto rican from new new york city i came out here about 25 years ago and so i kind of consider myself a native san franciscan at this point. i have an intimate relationship with the mission district my mother lives at the center on 21 st and cap and i own property just a few doors down from this bar and my husband, , who has
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passed away a couple of years ago was a real estate developer and i was his office administrator and we built the department of public health from scratch nonetheless it was a 4-year project created a very intimate relationship with that neighborhood to say the least. when the space came up i thought that this was perfect for me because i know the neighborhood the good the bad, the ugly, and i love it. i love the people in the neighborhood and maybe it comes from growing up in new in new york city myself i like the cultural aspect of it most importantly. i was educated in new jersey and after my internship in washington, d.c. i made a move out here and soon married my husband. we did real estate and our children he
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passed away as i mentioned 2 years ago giving me a couple of years to pond to ponder whether i wanted to go back to real estate or go go into the restaurant bar business and choosing the license -- i needed to go into a business that allowed me to work during the day while my children were in school and when they got out of school at 3:00 p.m. i could hand the keys off to a nice young strong man to work until 2 in the morning and i could go home to my children and originally officer parker i reached out to and wanted to
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get feedback about what people thought about reopening this space. i spoke to -- for long periods to planning and scott sanchez and communicated with small business and eric, arguilo very passionate about keeping a local neighborhood bar and not creating another yet hipster bar in the mission. i first off want to say i too am am grateful for everyone that i just mentioned and the time they gave me to hear me and support me and officer duarte as you mentioned before is incredibly diligent and i'm extremely grateful for that and i personally reached out to
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the neighbors by standing out in front and talking to me and expressing my intentions and introducing myself to the local merchant and see and i posted a notice and did the mail out sent to the immediate resident and over all the news of my opening this neighborhood bar again has been well received and a lot of excitement has been expressed about opening the neighborhood bar again. any questions for me? >> thank you miss brown supervisor campos. >> thank you i have a quick question for you if you don't mind coming back and thank you for all that your family has done for the community and the fact that you are continuing to be present and we are very appreciative of what our alu does and i know that they take a lot of things into consideration but i do have a
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concern about one of the conditions condition 2 specifically the second piece of that condition i'm wondering if if you if you can speak to that. i am considering whether we should strike the second sentence in that right now it says said doors not to consist solely of a screen or vented security door and so i think that maybe the way it's written right now it could actually you know prevent you from having ventilation so i'm wondering if if you can speak to that because i understand the concern that the alu has i i just don't know if that second sentence is really useful. >> my feeling is my plan is to open the operation monday through sunday and it would be
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hours from 3:00 p.m. until closing at 2:00 a.m. so it won't be open in the afternoon opening at 3:00 p.m. you know i spent a lot of time -- i don't think -- the noise level i'm not concerned but because it's not going to to be that kind of bar with a a dj or live music it's going to be fairly reasonable and moderately low so i'm not afraid of noise coming out into the street but i'm concerned about having doors closed. it is a very small space. i am installing a fan system that's going to pull the air through the bar but having fresh air would really lend itself to a better environment within the bar and i think the neighbors would appreciate if they are sitting
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there. the entrance of the bar people sitting in the front are really going to appreciate that door being open and getting more light light into the light into the room so i think -- i don't want to oppose officer duarte or anyone really. i'm really all about i'm eager to please and i'm trying to make everyone happy but i think having the door open at least once in a while would lend itself to a better place and not create that dark seedy bar feeling it's almost like there's a dirty secret going on in there i want to keep it open and airy and light and i'd prefer not to have that condition and having the door closed if i don't have to. >> thank you. >> thank you. let's open this up for public comment.


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